Membership Benefits for New Directions In Healing Members and Healer Trainers.

There are two levels of Membership Benefits on this page.

One for general members (GM) and the other for members who are enrolled in our Healer’s Training Program (HTM).  The price for each level is noted.

One on One healing Session given by New Directions In Healing Brooklyn NYC One on One Sessions Healing Sessions

Fees:  GM: N/A    HTM:Free

Benefit from a personalized curriculum. Clear and heal emotional and psychological blockages which help to increase spiritual vibrations. Assist in the creation of unique and individualized healing modalities.

Small class sizes for instruction by New Directions In Healing Brooklyn NYC a non-profit organzationSmall Group Classes

Fees: GM: 50% off     HTM: Free

Get the advantages from small group sessions that meet individual needs. Collaborate, share and gain knowledge about common experiences and issues facing alternative health practitioners.

Networking Opportunites given by New Directions In Healing Brooklyn NYC a non-profit organizationA Community of Healers

Fees   GM: Free    HTM:Free

Develop a rapport and camaraderie with other healers in the field, attending our social meet and greet events and event parties, networking, sharing ideas, stories and professional advice. Be apart of a group of alternative practitioners on their journey towards spiritual and professional development. Share the joys, excitement and challenges of being an alternative Practitioner.

Reflection papers and reading by New Directions In Healing Brooklyn NYC a non-profit organizationReflection Papers and Readings

Fees:  GM: N/A    HTM:Free

Use the powerful tool of reflection to enact deep transformation of the self and as a life long practice to self-empowerment. Be exposed to current themes and issues surrounding complimentary alternative medicine and energy healing from a historical, present and future perspective.  Be exposed to various concepts of healing from very conservative views to the more liberal ones.

Certification in Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master Level Certification given by New Directions In Healing Brooklyn NY a non-profit organizationCertifications

(See fee schedule at Spiritual Attunements section)

Receive Reiki I and II certification.  The well known Universal Life force which has proven to help aid, assist and heal all levels of the human body; physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.  Learn to use this energy for the betterment of self and others and how to incorporate it into other existing healing modalities.

Community outreach provided by New Directions In Healing Brooklyn NYC a non-profit organizationConnect to The Community

Fees:  GM: N/A    HTM:Free

Externships: Engage in outdoor events, expos, health fairs etc... to enhance communication skills, be an effective advocate for alternative wellness and develop healthy and professional relationships with the community.  Hands on experience at marketing one’s modality of healing and educating the public on alternative healing practices.

Create Unique healing abilities and modalities with support from New Directions In Healing a non-profit organization Brooklyn NYCCreate Unique Healing Modalities

Fees:  GM:N/A    HTM:Free

Internship: Provide the benefit of a supervised setting to work with the public on individuating and empowering unique healing abilities. Remove energy blockages, give guidance and support to clients. Develop healing and intuitive powers to balance and heal from a  holistic perspective. Be clear about the modalities, skills and benefits of one’s individual unique style of healing

Spiritual attunements, reiki attunements, Reiki 1, 2 and Reiki Master Certification by New Directions In Healing Brooklyn a Non-profit orgainzationSpiritual Attunements

Fees: GM: *25%     HTM: *50%

Receive Reiki I, II, Masters Level and Energy Reading Attunements. Develop intuitive skills, enhance connection to The Divine, increase spiritual vibrations and communication with Spirit. Learn the art of healing self and others with healing energy. Benefit from direct instruction on methods and practices for staying healthy, healing the spiritual aura, grounding, while doing healing work and protection form negative energy infringements.

Building Private Practice with New Directions In Healing Brooklyn NYC a non-profit organizationBuild Your Practice

Fees:  GM: 50%     HTM:Free

Create brochures, business cards, professional photos and other advertising materials.  Learn powerful marketing strategies; email and snail mail lists, magazine advertisements, computer and on line marketing, i.e. facebook, website design.  Engage in hands on experience at producing expo layouts, magazine ads and business portfolios.

Creating an Online presense with support from New Directions In Healing a Non-profit organizationCreate An Online Presence

Fees: GM: 50%    HTM:Free

Go step by step in creating your own website.  With work assignments meant to develop your online presence; from met tagging, adword development to registering your business on line with google, bing, yelp etc…

* Master Level Reiki Attunement 10% off