A Pledge of Love, by Alicia

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Since I was little girl, I can remember the wonder and feel of Prospect Park.  I was amazed at the stillness, the earth, the animals, things from her, that I didn’t see or connect with when I was home, living in my concrete jungle.


After spending so many years disconnected from her, I felt like I was being given an opportunity to find my way back home. The place in side of me, that is good, just, loving. I found it here on the perimeter of Prospect Park, in a little unknown neighborhood called Prospect Park Lefferts Garden, surrounded by the bigger one - Flatbush.


It is a wonderful feeling to live in a neighborhood that loves you, next to mother earth, where deep healing can take place, where transformation of the self is possible and love is everywhere.  I’m not talking about park views, I’m talking about being part of a source of power and energy that truly heals and changes. I'm talking about true power, one that can't be brought, but must be earned.


It isn’t by chance that the largest population living on the perimeter of Prospect Park is also one of the poorest.  With all of the weight of poverty, of racism, of karmic debt, there is a need to be connected to a source of love, a source of light.  For who would need the light the most if not the darkest souls, the ones with the heaviest burdens to bare.


New Directions In Healing Blog A Pledge of Love, By AliciaBut where I find love, healing, and an oneness with mother earth, I also find the other side of the coin.  I find a place where the poor are abused, mistreated and discarded.  I find politicians who are unresponsive and give lip service and who don’t know about accountability.  Who say “I’m so glad you came out, but it is my agenda that matters, not yours!”


I watch and blatantly see the lies, the untruths, as they begin to sell this side of the park. Taking away our source of hope, our place in the world, our homes, our memories, our light. As this proposed 23 story building and the five more to follow, will do. Forever, casting a shadow over the lives of the people and animals who live in and near Prospect Park. And so I cry out NO!  You cannot!  And I am told “move on”, don’t worry, this will be quick and painless!


Quick, yes that I agree, painless, I don’t think so.  We keep creating karmic debt, not seeing the fallacy of our ways.  Keep believing that the only thing that matters is money. 


Some have said, oh but you own your property, you can’t be forced out.  But this isn’t truth! I am not safe, if my neighbor isn’t safe.  If the community that loves me isn’t secure, neither am I!  I cannot be separated from her, just as I cannot be separated from mother earth.  This is what it means to be a neighbor, to be a part of a community and I am that, if nothing else, I am that!


Others have said but you will benefit because your house will improve in value.  But what is money compared to living in a community that accepts you.  To be able to walk down the block and say hello to your neighbors and have them say hello back from their hearts!  That is priceless!  Money can’t replace that!  Money can’t buy you love! Oh the wisdom and truth of that statement!  And Love is what I feel when I am here, when I get off the train or a bus, or come out of car.  I feel love, a wonderful feeling, but it can’t be brought, it must be earned, appreciated and protected!


So I pledge myself to this neighborhood, I say I will do all within my power to preserve what we have here.  To keep the light in the park, to keep the light within the soul.  To protect and preserve our New Directions In Healing a non-profit organization In Brooklyn, Blog - A Pledge of Love, by Aliciarights as a community to stay here, with all the love I have inside of me until I am the last one standing!

Will you take that pledge with me?



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