At the Top Of Your Game, by Alicia.

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Okay, spring just broke out and we know what that means…. we will be showing more flesh and not be able to hide all that we had been doing in this long ass winter we just had!  But no fear.  There is always energy in the air to motivate us, to help us set our goals, especially with the spark of Aries lighting the way. 

For me it is my trip to the Fiji Islands this summer.  What is your motivator?  Are you planning on going somewhere?  Let that push you to get yourself together!  If you don’t have a plan - make one!  Say this is going to be my best year yet!  Accept those invitations that have been coming in.  This is to drive you to be a better person.

Now some would say hey that is just outside stuff and its true, but when we work on our physical bodies it has an effect on our emotional ones as well. So you will be giving yourself some needed therapy just by working out.

Then let the universe help you out.  For me, I just got Planet Fitness right down my block!  No there is no towel service, no shampoo, no conditioner, no sauna, no steam room, no classes, but they got a 30 minutes workout station and that is my hook.

When presented with support find a way to make it work, find the hook and go with it. The world isn’t’ perfect, but don’t let your ideal mess up the real.  Maybe the track is a mile away, that is two more miles to your regime, or maybe the gym is next to your work not your home, that is okay, you will never be late for work! There is always a niche - find it!

Then get committed!  See yourself in that bathing suit on the beach, sipping homemade fruity drinks, eating exotic fruit etc… or climbing that mountain in your hiking boots making it to the top!!

Let this spring energy motivate you and pull you into a health regime that will work for you.  Don’t overdo it in the beginning, start small and work your way up.  If you start too heavy it might seem too daunting of a task, so start slow.  And keep building, adding miles, weights, exercise routines. Before you know it will be summer and bang!  You will be at the Top of Your Game!


Alicia, Executive Director
New Directions In Healing

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