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Written by Alicia

Why be generous?

Generosity is an act of love, and when we love we open our heart chakra. An open heart chakra allows one to be healthy and happy. It is the energy of love that heals, transforms and empowers.  Being in a loving state will bring joy, happiness, serenity, wellness, tranquility, etc… into your being, thus it behooves all of us to create an open heart chakra and to actively pursue to keep it expanding.


Take a pen and copy down the number of the question and the letter choice of your answer.  Be as honest as you can, we are not recording your answers!  Then look at the bottom of the questionnaire at the Scoring section and add up all the points associated with your answers.  Once you have a score, go to the Generosity Determination section and see if you truly are a generous person or just faking it!(smile)




Directions:  Write down the number and the letter for each question; please choose one letter for each question. If a question discusses a particular activity you don’t engage in, just skip th question.


1. How many times a day do you say a kind word (micro-Love) to someone?

a) 1-15                       b) 16-30                c) 31+  

2. How many times a day do you have a kind thought (micro-Love) about someone?

a) 1-15                       b) 16-30                c) 31+ 

3. How often do you give away something of yours that you value?

a) Once a week      b) Once a month              c) Once a year

4. If you give to the homeless, do you give to only the ones that you feel really deserve it. (If you don’t give to the homeless, skip this question)

a) Yes                         b) No                     c) Sometimes 

5. When you give a gift to an intimate partner, do you give them what you want to give them or do you give them what they want to get?

a) What I want to give         b) What they want to get  

6. When you give an asset to someone do you get annoyed, upset or angry when they don’t appreciate it or don’t appreciate you?

a) Yes          b) No    c) sometimes

7. What is a more generous act to give?

a)Money                 b) Time

8. Do you give sometimes to the point where you are left without?

a) Yes          b) No 

9. When you give to a charity are you expecting to be recognized or to get something back?

a) Yes         b) No                      c) sometimes  

10. Is rejecting a compliment, gift, gesture, service, a kind word etc… an act of reverse generosity (sending the generosity back to the sender).

Yes         b) No

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1. a = 1        b = 5                        c = 9

Explanation: I wrote an article on micro-Love, so I won’t go into here, but these small acts of kindness add up, so take the opportunity to be more generous with them.

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2. a = 1         b=5                        c = 9

Explanation:  Our thoughts are very powerful; they produce energy into the air and create matter to form around them.  And at the same time they come back to us in real life forms.  Thus having positive thoughts about others produces loving energy around us affecting our lives. This is called generosity of the mind.↑back to question 2

3. a = 8         b = 4            c = 1

Explanation: It can be very hard for people to let go of personal items, even if they no longer have any use for them.  This is because of the emotional attachment they have to these objects.  However, when we give it away, we are creating space in our heart, and this is an act of love.  Why is it love, because anytime we create room we create the opportunity for love to come in.  Without space we block love’s entry into our lives.↑back to question 3

4. a = 3         b = 9               c = 6

Explanation: The act of generosity isn’t selective, because it isn’t about the receiver it is about you; The Giver!  When you truly give something in an act of generosity, you let it go; allowing it to flow from you.  No holds bar.  No conditions, no requirements etc….

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5. a = 4         b = 9

Explanation: This can be one of the most distressful issues amongst couples around gift giving.  When you give with conditions; this is want I want you to have, or what you deserve, this isn’t about generosity it is about control. It moves away from the heart chakra into the solar plexus chakra and is no longer about generosity but about power.  And of course power struggles within intimate relationships always causes issues. However, you still get points for giving what you want, because you still give.

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6. a = 3          b = 9                      c = 4

Explanation: A lot of gift giving is about control/power and not about generosity.  This can happen in all types of relationships but it is clear to the parties involved that in order to continue to receive, the receiver must please the giver in some way.  Sometimes it is subtle and sometime it is overt.  And it happens all the time, from an absent parent overspending to get a child to like him/her, to ensuring a partner will not leave otherwise funds will be withdrawn, to choosing what a partner will wear by buying specific clothing items.

Remember generosity is about giving without expecting anything back.  As soon as you expect, a phone call, a thank you, a gift in return etc… You have moved away from generosity, and into power. 

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7. a = 3          b =8                       c = 5

Explanation: This issue is why a lot of relationships fail when involving people who believe it is all about the money.  There is a belief that instead of spending time with a love one, sending a dozen roses will suffice, but it doesn’t.  Time spent with a love one is always worth more than money.  For money is an element, time is an emotional energy.  Love survives off of emotional energy not off of elements. 

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8. a = 2           b =9 

Explanation:  A lot of people believe they are being generous when they give to love ones and do without.  This is actually on the other side of the spectrum of not giving at all. Both are harmful to self! Why? Because the heart chakra is about how you love yourself and others!  When you deny yourself the things that you need, you are being unloving to yourself.  Love is about balance, giving to self and giving to others.  The more you balance your loving generosity the more powerful you are as a giving, loving, generous person.

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9. a = 4           b = 9                      c = 6 

Explanation:  It is a common practice for corporations to give in this matter; wanting brand recognition for their contributions, because it benefits them from a monetary perspective and gives them influence (power) over their clients.  But people aren’t corporations, we have heart chakras and the more generous we are the more we live a loving life.  There is nothing wrong with accepting a gift or service for money donated, both are loving acts towards the self.  However, once you expect these contributions or gifts and base your own contributions upon these expectations you have again moved away from the heart chakra to the solar plexus, from love to power.  

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10. a = 2               b = 10

Explanation: Love is about loving yourself as well as others.  You can’t be generous to others and not to yourself.  Rejecting compliments, offers of help, gifts, services or gestures is not an act of love towards self.  You are not sending the generosity back you are rejecting it!  And when you reject love you are closing your heart chakra down.  Sometimes the acceptance can be painful but that isn’t love causing the pain, the pain is the healing that love is producing.  So the next time someone wants to hold that door for you or gives you a compliment, or do something for you or even help you out in a jam, allow that energy of generosity to flow towards you, accept it with an open heart!  

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Generosity Determination

Points: 1- 40:   There is some growth needed in the generosity department. However what is great about this position is there is a lot of room for improvement, so you can change and really feel the difference of the it.  

Points: 41- 70: You are on your way to being a generous person. Just think about changing one aspect of your thinking when it comes to giving and see how much more you become generous with yourself and others.

Points: 71 - 90: You are a generous person, who might like to increase your heart just a little bit more.  So expand your field of who you give to and that should get you at the top.

Points: 91+: You are Super Generous, (I would like to meet you!)  Just kidding, but do your math over please (smile).There is always room for us to be more loving and generous.  There is no limit on the heart chakra capacity to love.  So keep expanding your range of field, there are always ways to love someone, either in thoughts or deeds so be creative!

Generosity Definition - This questionnaire is based upon the below definition.

Generosity is the giving up of some type of asset of value (time, money, resources, comments, thoughts, behavior, labor etc…) to another without the expectation of getting something back.

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Final Thoughts

One thing you should have gotten by now is that you don’t have to be rich or wealthy or even economically comfortable to be generous.  In fact a poor person can be more generous than a rich person.  A poor person can be generous with their thoughts, their simple kind gestures and with their time.  Whereas, a rich person can lack generosity even if she/he give billions away, if the giving is done with the idea of gaining a benefit from it, such as influence, power etc…

It is a loving thing to be a generous person.  You will find yourself surrounded by loving people who reflect that love.  So go out there today and decide to increase your loving energy, by be a more generous person than you were before you did this questionnaire.

And remember there is no ceiling on love!

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Alicia, Executive Director
New Directions In Healing

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