Mico-Love, By Alicia!

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I was hanging out with an archeologist professor and she was discussing with us the concept of micro-aggression.  This is all the little stuff people do to one another to aggravate, insult and even harass another person on a daily basis. 


These aggressions can be the result of prejudice, racism, sexism, and classism or from a negative emotional position such as hatred, jealousy, anger, fear, etc… They happen every day all day long. Sometimes we are its victim and sometimes we perpetuate it.  For example, a sales person might intentionally keep a customer waiting because of race or jealousy etc…  We can of course look around us and see it happening every day all day long especially in New York City, where you are bound to meet people you don’t know on a daily basis.

I was thinking about this concept of micro aggression and I said, but what about all the nice little things that people do to make our lives enjoyable.  Like making a compliment, or holding a door or giving advice?


I saw my neighbor across the street and there he was with his huge snow plow, plowing his other neighbor’s entire sidewalk.  What a wonderful thing to do!  What do we call these little acts of love?  Micro-Love….?


In honor of Valentine’s Day, the next time you are out in the world, think about forgiving all those micro-aggressions and do your best to do at least one micro-love and you will be surprised how joyful your day can become!


Alicia, Executive Director
New Directions In Healing

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