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Logo1 Donations to New Directions In Healing a non-profit organizationOf course we can say all the usual stuff about making a contribution and how it helps etc…But then you already know that.  What you might not know however is that every thought, every action, every penny, every dollar, of positive action carries weight and influences us.  As an organization that works on the holistic perspective of health, we know that positive energy goes a long way in helping to create and sustain positive endeavors such as ours.

The more we have people routing for us, wishing us well, giving their time and money, the more we grow, learn and heal.  We heal ourselves and we heal others, for we are all one.  When you are giving, you are giving to yourself, thus when you give it behooves you to give with a open heart, an open mind, an open hand, wishing the best, wishing your contribution multiplies and carries the weight of healing with it.

And in return we wish you all the best, all the happiness, and peace for we also know we are wishing logo2 Donations for New Directions In Healing a non-profit organizationthis for ourselves, our love ones, and the whole world.  We thank you for your love and we hope to one day demonstrate our love for you back.  So stay in touch, come to our gatherings, come to our outreach events and watch the love come back to you tenfold.


Thanks You,

Alicia, Executive Director of New Directions In Healing