Healing Circle April 6, 2014 at 7pm

New Directions In Healing a non-profit organization Brooklyn NYC Healing Circle for community and alternative health practitionersThis is a wonderful opportunity to receive Spiritual Healing that is both economical and as powerful as private sessions.  One of the powers that Alicia has been given is the ability to enact Healing in a group setting.  She is not confined, as many healers are, to being in one place with one client.  Alicia is the anchor for the healing energy, calling it and asking it to direct its power. This energy source is intelligent, so it will not only point its healing energy to where Alicia is asking, but in any area of the body that is ready for clearing.


These sessions can be as private or as public as the individual chooses.  It is always to a participant’s advantage to talk about their experiences so that the information being given by Alicia is clear and the person knows how and in what area of his/her life it can be applied.  No one, however, is obligated to share, for healing will happen regardless.


sm_logo 1 New Directions in Healing a non-profit organization in Brooklyn NYC Healing Circle The First Part  Each participant will have an opportunity to discuss any issues that they are having at the present moment.  This conversation is between Alicia and the participant, no one else is allowed to comment or to interject into the conversation.  If the participant is unclear of exactly what is happening within the self, Alicia will ask probing questions along with some insights to make it clear the issues that are being worked on.  At the end a clear desire is stated by the participant as to what it is he/she is wanting from the healing and intention is set for the second part.


sm_logo2 New Directions in Healing a non-profit organization Healing Circle on Sundays in Brooklyn NYCThe Second Part  Alicia will ask everyone to close their eyes and go into a relaxed state. She will begin drumming, calling upon her Spiritual Guides to lift the negative energy off of the participant’s body and to give them information about their imbalances.   At the same time, Alicia will connect to each participant's spiritual guides and love ones (both living and ones who have passed on), and give this information to the  participants.


sm_logo3 New Directions In Healing a non-profit organization in Brooklyn NYC healing Circle on SundaysThe Third Part    Alicia will discuss the wisdom that she received from the participant's spiritual guides or love ones.  Together with these insights and the information that the individual received, Alicia will help him/her to assess and understand this wealth of knowledge; making it clear as to what Spiritual truths the persons needs to incorporate into one’s life, psychological beliefs that need to be modified, and any behaviors the individual can do, actively in the world, to maintain a balanced chakra. 


Price: $30 for general public

$15 for New Directions In Healing Members.

Free for New Directions In Healing Trainees.

Time:  7 pm – 9p

Dates: April 6 and April 13

Duration: 1-2 hours - It depends upon the number of Participants

Location: 89 Sterling Street, Brooklyn NY, 11225