New Directions In Healing, a nonprofit

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organization in Brooklyn NYC

New Directions in Healing is dedicated to the enhancement and support of Alternative Health Practitioners and their services to the general public. We provide a platform for practitioners of all walks of life to present their philosophies, services, and knowledge to help heal. We provide workshops that assit in the development and enhancement of small business ventures, marketing tools, professional and personal development with the goal of creating viable creative profitable health practices.

At the same time the general public is exposed to and educated about alternative practitioners and their healing modalities, such as reiki healing, yoga, shamanic healing, vegan awareness, energy healing, acupunture etc...(just to name a few) which can impove their lives and their love ones.

Practitioners Workshops/Lectures

Our educational program focuses on helping alternative practitioners in all areas of their life, from obtaining personal and professional development goals, enhancing one's ability as a health practitioner, to creating a prosperous alternative health business. Our courses range from online marketing; taxes for the small business practitioner, energy healing for self and others, Reiki attunements, staying healthy when working with clients, developing client lists, performing workshops etc...

Community Programs

logoarrowsWe provide workshops and lectures to the general public on healing modalities from all walks of life. This is done through our community outreach program via public events. These can range from Pranic healing, Vegan food preparation, Reiki energy healing, Chakra understanding and analysis, spiritual awareness, to Karmic debt resolution, Yoga, meditation etc... just to name a few. Most of our workshops are free or low cost enabling everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to gain wisdom and support for their healing journeys.

Our Information Blog

New Directions In Healing Blog for Alternative Health PractitionersOur Blog is a weekly information column that addresses issue facing both alternative health practitioners and people facing issue health issues that they want to address from a more holistic perspective. We also have guess writers from other organizations making contributions and have a section where the general public can share their stories ideas and philosophies.

If you have any questions or want more information please contact us at (718) 703-3086.