“New Directions in Healing Mission is to promote and expand the awareness of effective alternative healing modalities and spiritual disciplines, which lead to wellness. As well as to provide a forum for networking, supporting, and educating health practitioners in their serving and providing of alternative healing practices to underexposed communities.”

The Accomplishment of Our Goals

logoarrowWe are accomplishing our goals by providing workshops, lectures and outreach activities for the general public as well as for health practitioners.  We are aware of the great challenges alternative health practitioners face and at the same how effective their healing modalities can be in providing overall health and wellness to the general public.  Thus we have and continue to provide a platform for these practitioners to showcase their abilities and at the same time provide a holistic health regime to the community.

Community Outreach

logo1Our outreach program, which consists of health professionals going out into the general public to educate and demonstrate the effectiveness of addressing one’s health from a holistic prospective, continues to be an effective way of reaching populations of people who haven’t been exposed to alternative healing practices. You can find us at expos such as New Life Expo in New York City, Awaken Wellness Fair in Up State New York, Navel Expo in Long Island, as well as street fairs, such as BAM, Harlem Week, Seventh Heaven Fesitival, Amethyst Women's Project etc.., just to name a few. 

Health Practitioners Support

logo3At the same we continue to provide workshops and lectures that address the individual needs of the practitioners; to help enhance and support them in every walk of life. This includes both professionally and personally.  Our workshops cover everything from creating a healthy viable professional practice to addressing personal issues which can affect one’s productivity in the professional arena. A few of our titles are; Chakra Reading Series, Open Healing Session, Empowing the Divine Within, Creating Wealth and Abundance via Spirituality, The New Tax Laws, etc...


logo2If you are a practitioner and would like to join our organization please click on this link.  If you are a person seeking support for an issue(s), you or a love one is facing, please click on this link to be connected to our practitioners and the services they provide.  If you want to support our endeavors by making a donation, please click on this link.
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