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Joanne Labastide, an Anointed Healer, an Alternative Health Care Consultant and a graduate of the Healer’s Preparation Program.

Joanne is a gifted hands on healer with over 22 years of experience. She received her spiritual gifts of healing through rituals of African tradition. She now incorporates the Ancient Spiritual practice of Reiki, (she is a Reiki level II practitioner) which has endowed her with even greater awareness and powers. Part of Joanne’s philosophy is to consider the needs of the individual, thus consultations are given before any decisions are made as to what services she will render.  Joanne can be reached at (347) 998-3904.

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Below you will find the list of our Practitioners, just click on their picture and you will be able to read more about them and the services they provide.  There is contact info as well as their website address, if you want to speak further or to set-up an appointment.

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Yeshi - Vegan Chef, Yoga Instructor Trainee


yeshi largeFor the past 15 years Yeshi has worked as a private chef and nutritional consultant for private events, rapper/actor Common, and athlete Serena Williams. She has traveled on the East, West Coast and Hawaii, specializing in vegan/vegetarian/live cuisine.  She conducts workshops and lectures on incorporating a healthy eating framework into any lifestyle.


Yeshi has worked at various restaurants all over the country, working with people who are dedicated to emphasizing the importance of eating "from the farm to the table". Her philosophy is to prepare foods with the intent of establishing an awareness as to what we put in our mouths is another way for us to love ourselves every single day and to connect with the healer that lives in us all. Yeshi can be reached at (917)586-1210

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Alicia - Spiritualist, Developmentalist, Educator, and Reiki Master


alicialargeAlicia is an Educator,  Spiritualist, Reiki Master, Developmentalist and Writer.  She has a Masters in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University, a Master’s in Education from Bank Street College and a Master level Reiki Practitioner. Alicia is a former teacher and staff developer for N.Y. City Board of Education for over ten years. 


Alicia is the founder of Crystal Reflections Healer’s Preparation Program, Alicia’s News (a website Newsletter), the Executive Director of New Directions in Healing and is currently maintaining a 12 year old private practice.  She works with children, adults and couples specializing in early childhood traumas and sexual abuseFor more about Alicia click here

Alicia can be reached at AliciaSpiritualHealer.com or (718) 703-3086.

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Damali - Public Relations and Marketing Specialist


Damali has received a BS in Public Relations from State University of New York at Oswego and Integrated Marketing Masters from New York University. She has 15 years of experience working in Sales, Public Relations and Marketing for such companies as News Corp-Fox Stations, L’Oreal USA, and Ken Entertainment Group Inc.


Damali is currently working as a ditigal marketing consultant for various small business enterprises. She can be reached at (646) 509-8740 or on her website www.DamaliLElie.com


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